Terms of delivery and payment


I.          Delivery

1) The goods always travel uninsured and in any case at the buyer’s risk. This also applies in case of freight-free delivery and regardless of what type of transport is being used. Transport insurance is only obtained at the express request of the buyer; costs are at the buyer’s expense.

2) The place of dispatch and transport route as well as the type of transport (including transport company) will be determined by us according to our best discretion, without assuming any liability, for the cheapest and fastest transport in the absence of any other written agreement.

3) If the buyer arranges transport then the buyer is responsible for timely provision. Any delays must be communicated in a timely manner; resulting costs are for buyer's account.

4) We are authorised to make reasonable partial deliveries.

5) The specification of delivery, or unloading times is always non-binding if not expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

6) The  beginning of  the delivery period assumes  the  clarification of  all  technical  questions  and  the timely and proper fulfilment of priority buyer obligations, the plea of non-fulfilment of the contract remains reserved. 

7) Delivery  impediments  due  to  force  majeure  or  due  to  unforeseen  events  for  which  we  are  not responsible  (this  also  includes  operational  disruptions,  strikes,  lockouts,  official  orders,  failure  to  receive  our own deliveries, subsequent loss of export, or import possibilities) release us for the duration of the impediment, and within the scope of their influence, from the obligation to comply with agreed delivery, or unloading times. If the above delivery impediments are not only of a temporary nature, they then also entitle us to withdraw from the contract without the buyer being authorised to claim for damages, or other such claims, as a result.

8) If,  without  the  presence  of  a  delivery  impediment  in  accordance  with  the  above  Item  7),  an  agreed delivery,  or unloading time is  exceeded, the buyer must  provide us  a  reasonable grace  period of  at  least two weeks in writing. If, we fail to meet this grace period, the buyer is authorised to withdraw from the contract not, however, to assert claims for damages as a result of non-fulfilment or default, unless, we are guilty of intent, or gross negligence. If the delivery delay is not caused by a deliberate breach of contract on our part, our liability for  compensation  is  limited  to  foreseeable,  typically  occurring  damage.  Liability  according  to  the  the  legal provisions,  if  the  delivery delay  for which  we  are  responsible  is  based  on  the  culpable  violation of  a  material contractual  obligation  and  liability  results  according  to  legal,  non-negotiable  provisions,  then  in  this  case  the liability for compensation is limited to the foreseeable, typically occurring damage.

9) If  the  buyer  is  in  default  of  acceptance  or  culpably  violates  other  cooperation  obligations,  we  are authorised  to  demand  compensation  for  damages  to  our  company  in  this  respect,  (encl.  any  additional expenses);  further claims  remain  reserved.  In addition  the  danger of  a coincidental  transfer or a  coincidental deterioration of the delivered item passes to the buyer at the moment, in which he is in default of acceptance or in default of other cooperation obligations.


II.          Payment

1) The buyer can choose between an invoice payment of net 30 days or prepayment. In case of prepayment, the buyer will receive a 1% cash discount.

2) Our  purchase  price  claims  are  generally  immediately  due  for  payment  “net  cash”  without  any deductions.  With regard to default of payment the statutory conditions apply.

3) We only accept checks based on a separate agreement, and only on account of payment.

4) The buyer is only authorised to set-off if his counter claim is either legally established or not disputed by us. The buyer is only authorised to a right of retention to the extent that his counter claim is based on the same contractual relationship.

5) We are authorised to apply payments made by the buyer to the buyer’s older debts first in accordance with § 366 Civil Code. If costs and interest have already accrued, the seller is authorised to offset the payment against  the  costs,  then  the  interest  and  finally  the  main  demand  for  payment  in  accordance  with  §  367  Civil Code.

6) If the buyer no longer has proper business operations, in particular in the case of impounding or seizure, a check or note protest is taking place, or delay in payment, or even suspension of payments, or if the buyer requests debt settlement procedures, or relevant insolvency proceedings, we are authorised to make all of our claims resulting from the business relationship due immediately, even if we have accepted bills or checks. The same  applies  if  the  buyer  goes  into  default  with  his  payments  to  us,  or  other  circumstances  become  known which  make  his  creditworthiness  appear  questionable,  particularly  compulsory  enforcement  measures, primarily  disclosure  of  assets.  In  addition,  in  such  a  case,  we  are  also  authorised  to  request  advance payments or a security deposit, or to withdraw from the contract.